These 8 color trends are all the rage for Spring 2022!

Spring 2022 will deliver some of the boldest colors yet, from neon green to hot pink!!! #heckyes

As we emerge from the pandemic and anxiously turn our eyes to brighter days, fashion designers are pointing their pens at scarlet, sky blue, and bright fuchsia hues as vibrant colors to wear this spring!!
We hardly had to argue over the eight big winners for this Spring's color trends!
  • Soft Lilac 
  • Canary Yellow
  • Hot Pink (Like that amazing blazer we had a few weeks back!!!!)
  • Scarlet
  • Sky Blue
  • Illuminating Yellow (cue Rothy's Limon Drivers!!!)
  • Neon & Rich Green

Bold and bright colors are huge for spring!!!
Which color listed above is your fav?! Whatever it is, don't be scared to step out a little this year - after all, fashion is about being YOURSELF!!! Whether it's a head to toe suit in hot pink or simple bold statement earrings, push yourself to try new pieces! If you love it, wear it! 

xoxo, Brittany

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